Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual property team is renowned for its expertise and prowess in the protection of IP rights.

We provide support to a variety of local and international businesses and most of our specialists have experience in fields such as technology, finance and entertainment, which is reflected in the diverse client referrals received by the team. We are the first and only law firm in Nigeria to successfully prosecute a Trademark/Tradename dispute.

Our IP team is actively involved in ;-:

  • Filing and advising on IP applications
  • Registering, licensing and franchising
  • Representing clients in intellectual property disputes
  • Trademark Watch services
  • Patent applications and registrations
  • Design registrations
  • Copyright infringement and protection

We are frequently called upon to advise brand owners on the creation, selection, acquisition, registration, maintenance, protection, and enforcement of their trademarks and patents.

Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets are crucial to the continuous existence and survival of most corporate entities; this is why our team works round the clock to ensure that our clients’ proprietary information remains confidential and protected.

We assist our clients in preventing, containing, and acquiring reparation for misappropriation of all types of trade secrets, ranging from business plans/ideal customer lists, manufacturing formulas to computer codes.


From an inventor’s vision to the grant of a Nigerian or foreign patent, our attorneys provide clients with a full range of patent services, including patentability assessment; patent litigation, patent application preparation and prosecution, both in Nigeria and worldwide.

We assist in the development of innovative patent strategies through various means, which may include product development and product strategies. We handle the full range of multi-jurisdictional and cross -disciplinary patent mandates.

Copyright and Related Rights

In copyright, disruption is king and the way in which content is delivered, consumed – and misused – has changed out of all recognition in just two decades.

Our team of copyright infringement litigation lawyers regularly litigate, often on an emergency basis, trade secrets, patents, trademarks, and copyright issues.  copyright infringement, copyright legislation and copyright protection is a substantial portion of our team’s practice.

Key Contact

Managing Partner

Mr. Abimbola Ogunbanjo

Abimbola is the Vice Chairman of the Commercial Law and Taxation Committee of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and the President of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. He specializes in Capital Markets and has garnered considerable corporate finance experience.

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