Chris Ogunbanjo LP maintains business practices and community-oriented green initiatives.

We believe that any measurable impact towards protecting the environment requires the collective effort of our personnel in thinking about the effects of our actions and taking steps to preserve resources.

Because we believe that taking care of our environment is everyone’s responsibility, we are proud to take a leading role in demonstrating how law firms and employees can affect change.

Green stewardship is an important part of our philosophy and commitment to excellence in our community.

As a firm, we encourage our lawyers and business support staff to be actively involved in promoting green initiatives and sustainability.

We have encouraged and created a work environment that conserves resources, reduces carbon footprint, protects the environment, and promotes the benefits of sustainability to our people and the greater business community as a whole.

This is evident in our recycling practices which have significantly reduced our paper consumption. We continually seek to minimize the volume of paper used in printing, copying, data storage, and communication.

We recognize the environmental hazard of mismanagement of plastics waste. Littered plastics packaging ruins the beauty of a city, clogs drains, and incinerated garbage containing plastic waste can cause air pollution.

As a responsible business, we are well aware of the health hazards caused by human activity to marine life, which is why we discourage the use of plastic bags and minimize the use of plastic packaging. In addition, we have identified an environment-friendly solution for the disposal of plastic waste.

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