Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Our Capital Markets Group advises clients on the full range of public and private financings and is consistently recognized as one of the top advisers on corporate financings and related transactions as exemplified by the naming of our Managing Partner as 1 of 18 leading capital market lawyers in Nigeria by WhosWholegal (WWL) having chaired the board of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and supervised its demutualisation from inception to its listing on the NGX Main board.

We represent a diverse range of public and private companies of all sizes, investment banks, private equity firms and government entities. We regularly act as transaction counsel in equity and debt capital markets transactions as well as project and asset finance deals. Our capital markets practice has considerable industry-specific experience in a vast range of business sectors including:

  • Financial services
  • Health care
  • Insurance
  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • NGX Growth Board Advisers
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Debt and Equity Financings
  • Derivatives
  • Private Equity
  • Rights Issues
  • Schemes of Arrangement and Capital Reconstructions
  • Securitisations


The ‘Africa Rising’ narrative brings with it high rewards as well as high risks. Our Team is well-placed to advice on the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and portfolio investment landscape.

Our team is well-versed in ensuring our clients’ investments are protected, domestically and internationally.

Our experience includes:
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Repatriation of Investment
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Joint venture
  • Expropriation Claims
  • Foreign Direct Investments
  • Portfolio Investment

Corporate Restructuring

We assist one our client through the process of restructuring for better efficiency and productivity.

This could be a scheme of arrangement, merger and acquisition, management buyout, purchase and assumption, tender offer, conversion of company, listing or delisting from the securities exchange.

We facilitate turnarounds, settlements, raise capital and assist in the disposal of assets for the purpose of generating necessary cash.

Private Equity

The private equity team offers complete representation for the entire life cycle of our clients’ transactions i.e. from fund formation and execution to developing and implementing liquidity proceedings, if need be.

We provide our clients with comprehensive information, advice and knowledge on their portfolios to their companies’ daily operations.

Our experience includes:
  • Fund formation
  • Interest planning
  • Transaction structure/restructure
  • Minority investments
  • Liquidity proceedings
  • Employee stock ownership plans
  • Dividend recapitalization
  • Joint venture
  • Investment in public equity deals

Key Contact

Managing Partner

Mr. Abimbola Ogunbanjo

Abimbola is the Vice Chairman of the Commercial Law and Taxation Committee of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and the President of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. He specializes in Capital Markets and has garnered considerable corporate finance experience.

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