We have a large amount of experience in the practice of aviation law and litigation in Nigeria.

Our team of experts regularly counsel on legal issues specific to this sector.

Our experience in aviation include:

Aviation regulation
Commercial litigation
Aviation policy
Business aviation
Leasing land and airport space
Aircraft financing and leasing
Aircraft accident and litigation

Asset Managment

Our team advises asset managers, funds and investors on legal and regulatory matters, as well as on the formation, advancement, administration and restructuring of investment funds of all types, and the establishing, rearrangement and sale of fund management businesses.

Our experience include:

Fund establishments
Regulatory reform, if and when necessary
Mergers and acquisitions
Corporate transactions
Investment management

Company Secretarial Services

We serve as company secretary to a large number of corporate and commercial enterprises nationwide.

Our experience include:

Convening board meetings
Shareholder meetings
Secretarial services
Filing obligatory returns
Nominee arrangements
Formation of companies
Establishment of companies
Registration of companies

Corporate Governance

We are firm believers in the necessity for compliance with the regulatory framework due to its essential nature.

To this end, we have trained counsels providing a range of services to state-owned entities, private corporations and various sectors.

Our experience include:

Regulatory services
Board advisory
Due Diligence
Risk management
Internal investigations

Corporate Restructuring

We assist one our client through the process of restructuring for better efficiency and productivity.

This could be a scheme of arrangement, merger and acquisition, management buyout, purchase and assumption, tender offer, conversion of company, listing or delisting from the securities exchange.We facilitate turnarounds, settlements, raise capital and assist in the disposal of assets for the purpose of generating necessary cash.


We regularly advise on intellectual property rights i.e. trademark, patents, copyright etc.

By providing efficient, pragmatic and commercially sensible legal solutions to our clients, we ensure that their rights are very well protected.

Our experience include:

Copyright, trademark and patent rights
Intellectual property acquisition
Licensing, vetting and distribution

Dispute Resolution

The litigation team understands complex cases and strive to ensure that cases are settled on terms advantageous to our client.

Disputes may be mergers and acquisition/sale, commercial contracts, or business competition. Our team always ensure these disputes are tackled effectively, pragmatically and promptly. We tailor our approach to the needs of our clients, be they large commercial firms, or small enterprises.

Our experience include:

Commercial litigation


Our team is well-versed in representing entertainment clients, as well as content providers in the fields of film, television etc.

We regularly advise on intellectual property rights i.e. trademark, patents, copyright etc.

Our experience include:

Copyright, trademark and patent rights
Intellectual property acquisition
Licensing, vetting and distribution
Artist management
Film, television and media agreements
Financing and private equity investments

Debt & Equity

We provide our client with the legal advisory required for them to raise capital for business operations through, bond issuance, public offer, private placement, share capital increase.

Financial Regulation

Constant regulation changes affect all spheres of the financial service sector, domestically and otherwise.

Our team aids clients by guiding them through the gradually increasing intricate regulatory landscape where national and international regulations inevitably intermingle and conflict.

Our experience includes:

Regulatory risks
Emerging markets
Dispute resolution
Foreign direct investment
Pioneer status
Minority protection

Financial Technology

The importance of FinTech in the new world is one that cannot be over-emphasised. Be it securing, investing, developing or founding, our team is ready and prepped to support our clients in every aspect.

We also understand that our clients have varying techniques in this sector, and we tailor our expertise to each client’s specific need.

Our experience include:

Data protection
IP creation and protection
Cloud strategies
App design and development
Technology licensing
Financial crime deterrence and detection
Product development and expansion

Information Technology & Cyber security

We focus on continuous innovation, particularly as the world has evolved into a digital one.

We understand the need to protect increasingly methodological technology, while enabling clients become more efficient and creative in their developments.

Our experience include:

Data privacy
Information management
Mobility issues
Technology provision and offerings

International Trade

The international trade team has been in existence since it was formed for the purpose of advising clients on the rights and obligations accompanying membership of the World Trade Organisation (when the organisation was newly established).

Since then, the team has grown in skills, expertise and technical/legal know-how with regards to international business transactions, and the legal systems of all regions.

Our experience include:

Cross border transaction
Foreign direct investment
Portfolio Investment
Bilateral and multilateral agreements
Trade issues
Aircraft accident and litigation

Labour Relations Law

There are instances where the government permits employers and trade unions conduct labour management affairs and, essentially attain levels of satisfactory relationships.

Our labour relations practitioners understand the need to ensure these affairs and relationships are not only lawful, but effective. From negotiation to eventual compromise, our team is the best at what it does.

Our experience include:

Drafting labour relations agreements
Employment law
Employment protection
Regulatory services


We at Chris Ogunbanjo LP are renowned for successfully prosecuting and defending litigation matters for our clients in courts and hearings worldwide.

Our emphasis is on effectively resolving disputes, whether commercial, civil or otherwise as promptly and effectively as possible.

Our experience include:

Public law litigation
Anti-bribery and corruption
Insurance disputes
Antitrust disputes
Banking and finance disputes
Employment disputes
Tax disputes
Intellectual property disputes
Energy disputes

Assests Finance

We at Chris Ogunbanjo are aware of the importance of substantial experience and knowledge of acquiring finance for the purpose of assets, fixed or otherwise.

We are recognised leaders and innovators in asset-based and structured financing transactions. Our platform and expertise combine to put us in an exclusive position to traverse the intricacies, challenges and opportunities our clients may face.

We endeavour to give our clients a competitive edge in the implementation of their business strategy, whether in the optimisation of their investments, gaining access to new and economical sources of financing, or in addressing potential risks in a constantly evolving legal, regulatory and operating environment.

Our experience include:

Telecommunications financing
Energy financing
Maritime financing
Aviation financing


We provide comprehensive legal services to all our clients in the area of admiralty, shipping, maritime law and all they encompass.

We especially focus on regulatory and operational matters related to the sale and lease of private and military aircrafts.

Our experience include:

Corporate and regulatory matters
Management agreements
Ship finance and lease
Ship sale and purchase
Joint ventures
Crude oil and commodities trading
Marine insurance and causalities


We know how imperative it is for clients to have further options than litigation. Alternative dispute resolution provides the benefits of privacy, confidentiality, party-autonomy and prompt/effective processes. We regularly represent clients in local and international arbitration proceedings and ensure that disputes arising from commercial transactions are speedily and effectively resolved.

Mergers & Acquisition

Our mergers and acquisition team is constantly and actively involved in industry-wide recapitalisations and mergers within Nigeria’s ever-evolving banking and finance industry.

We aid our clients in acquisition transactions in a smooth and highly effective manner.

Our experience include:

Legal due diligence reviews
Joint ventures
Management buy-outs
Domestic and International acquisitions


We at Chris Ogunbanjo LP understand the gravity of our clients’ patent portfolio and, to this end, take our time to learn our clients’ technology and business.

We assist in the development of innovative patent strategies through various means i.e. product development and product strategies.

Our Patent team possesses both the technological and experience needed to advise our clients, as well as protect them.

Our experience include

Patent portfolio
Patent prosecution
Patent registration
Patent litigation
Technology-related innovation


We are devoted to aiding our clients in absorbing and responding to the constantly changing pension and employment related laws.

We always seek practical solutions for our clients against the aforementioned laws, as our first priority is protecting our clients’ needs.

Our experience include:

Pension taxation
Pension agreements
Pension schemes
Asset packages
Employee contracts and plans
Executive compensations
Fiduciary responsibilities
Health and Welfare benefits
Protection of employment rights

Private Equity

The private equity team offers complete representation for the entire life cycle of our clients’ transactions i.e. from fund formation and execution to developing and implementing liquidity proceedings, if need be.

We provide our clients with comprehensive information, advice and knowledge on their portfolios to their companies’ daily operations.

Our experience include:

Fund formation
Interest planning
Transaction structure/restructure
Minority investments
Liquidity proceedings
Employee stock ownership plans
Dividend recapitalisation
Joint venture
Investment in public equity deals

Project Financing

Due to our expertise in project finance transactions, our clients feel safe knowing that we are here to anticipate their every needs and ensure their rights are covered in transactions ranging from the domestic to international markets.

Our experience include:

Estate development
Structure development
Emerging market projects
Maintenance contracts
Operations contracts

Real Estate

We constantly strive to deliver the best we can, and this is found in our Real Estate team.

We offer comprehensive real estate services, undertake sophisticated due diligence projects, and ensure our clients are provided with extensive industry insight gained from our experience handling intricate transactions.

Our experience include:

Executing lease agreements
Expediting real estate development plans
Providing legal advice
Preparing and perfecting lending agreements, as well as other related transactional documents
Acquisition and disposal of all types of interest in real estate from transactions involving property portfolios to sales and purchases
Real estate finance

Regulatory Compliance

Our team has extensive knowledge and practice in handling regulatory matters, especially those involving regulatory and statutory enforcement actions, testing the constitutionality of legislative and regulatory schemes and complex regulatory schemes.

Our team is also well-versed in helping clients design, implement and enforce comprehensive compliance and ethics programmes so as to reduce potential legal exposure. We are highly proactive and guide our clients through planning and conducting compliance and risk assessments, audits and a range of other matters.


Our team possesses an all-round strength and complexity especially with regards to our regulatory, commercial and transactional proficiency.

We advise the telecommunication sector on banking, regulatory, intellectual property, litigation and commercial contract matters, among others.

Our experience include:

Legal advice
Dispute Resolution
Contract drafting

Trade Secrets

Our Trade Secrets team work round the clock to ensure that our clients’ proprietary information is and remains confidential and protected.

We aid clients in preventing, containing, and acquiring reparation for misappropriation of all types of trade secrets, ranging from business plans/ideas to customer lists, manufacturing formulas to computer codes.

Our experience include:

Industrial and commercial theft
Breach of duty, fiduciary or otherwise
Intellectual property
Misappropriation by employees, and ex-employees
Negotiation agreements



Our team is renowned for its expertise and prowess in the protection of intellectual property rights.

With regards to trademarks, we assist brand owners in their creation, selection, acquisition, registration, maintenance, protection, and enforcement of their trademarks through an all-inclusive list of services.

Our experience include:

Dispute Resolution
Trademark registration
Legal advisory services
Protection and enforcement of trademarks
Maintenance of trademarks

Will & Probate

We regularly advise on matters pertaining to all aspects of wills, probate and estate laws, as well as on the establishment of trusts, foundations and financial planning.

We handle antagonistic probate and trust matters, as well as disputes regarding estate and trust assets situated locally and abroad.

Our experience include:

Drafting of wills
Rights of beneficiaries
Letters of administration
Court application for issues of grants of probate
Removal of executors/trustees/administrators
Contested wills and inheritance issues
Contract drafting