Community service takes us beyond our success in courtrooms and boardrooms and Community work gives our people the chance to share their knowledge and experience to help those in need.

Chris Ogunbanjo LP is proud to support the charitable causes of the Chris Ogunbanjo Foundation whose themes fit with our business:
The Chris Ogunbanjo Foundation is a charitable institution limited by guarantee and has established 2 centres. These are:

The Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution

was created as a forum for the resolution of conflict and to support mediators and other conflict resolvers who attempt to settle ethnic, tribal, inter-racial, industrial, political, religious and other international disputes. Members of our Dispute Resolution team regularly provide pro bono services to the Centre and participate in its public awareness programmes and develop strategies for peaceful resolution of domestic and international conflict.,

The Centre for the Promotion of Industrial Society and Private Enterprise:

through collaborations with relevant governmental agencies and bodies, the Foundation will ameliorate the promotion of industrial society and private enterprise. We hope to create avenue for employment, raise the standard and quality of living, enable Nigeria take its rightful place in the world trade of manufactured goods, and promote the acquisition of appropriate skills for the rapid industrialisation of Nigeria, among others.

Chris Ogunbanjo University of Lagos Trust Fund

Kindle Africa

Our membership of various international trade organisations has helped us forge close working relationships with a wide range of foreign investment agencies, embassies, chambers of commerce and employment federations.